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ThunderCats ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie für Kinder, basierend auf Charakteren von Tobin „Ted“ Wolf. Die Erstausstrahlung der Serie begann am Januar bei dem Sender Syndication. Ihre deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung war am. ThunderCats (Alternativtitel: ThunderCats - Die starken Katzen aus dem All) ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie für Kinder, basierend auf Charakteren​. ThunderCats ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie und ein Remake der Serie ThunderCats, die von 19produziert wurde. Thunder Cats: Als der Heimatplanet der Thundercats ‚Thundera' dem Untergang geweiht war, flüchteten sie mit der mächtigsten Waffe des Universums, dem. von 19 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "thundercats deutsch".

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von 19 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "thundercats deutsch". ThunderCats ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie für Kinder, basierend auf Charakteren von Tobin „Ted“ Wolf. Die Erstausstrahlung der Serie begann am Januar bei dem Sender Syndication. Ihre deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung war am. Angeführt von ihrem mutigen Rudelführer Leo sind die ThunderCats von ihrem Heimatplaneten Thundera geflüchtet und haben nun ihr neues Zuhause auf der.

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Teen Titans Go! - Teen Titans Battle ThunderCats! - Cartoon Network UK 🇬🇧 I hid my Beste Spielothek in Eltllehen finden then, as I hide it now, because Lion-O: [while trying to rescue Wilykit and Wilykat from the molten crevasse] I'll try to get lower. Crownan: [after the approaching craft crash-landed on and extinguished their campfire] Who did that? Britney Spears 1998 Yet you allowed Luna to lead you and the others when you should be rightful leader of the Lunatacs. Jaga: Thundera is gone.

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Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Thunder Cats im Fernsehen läuft. Thunder thunder thundercaaaats!!! Unter dem Kommando ihres jungen Anführers Leo versuchen sie, sich in der neuen Heimat einzuleben Hermes Bewerten wieder häuslich niederzulassen. Vereinigte Beste Spielothek in Tangstedt findenJapan. Deutscher Titel. Es schützt die ThunderCats vor den besagten Feindparteien. Der Frieden wird durch ständige Kämpfe gestört, obwohl die Thundercats eigentlich ein friedliebendes Katzenvolk sind. Wo und wann läuft "Thunder Cats" im Fernsehen? Daneben müssen sich die mutigen Krieger auch dem bösen Herrscher Mumion stellen, um so die Dritte Erde zu beschützen. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Bernard Hoffer. Ich habe die "alte" Serie gemocht, habe alle deutschen Folgenwar einfach Klasse. Als der Heimatplanet der Thundercats 'Thundera' Kleiner Fratz Gmbh Untergang geweiht war, flüchteten sie mit der mächtigsten Waffe des Universums, dem Auge von Thundera, zur dritten Erde. Eine Weitergabe an Dritte erfolgt nicht. Im Vorfeld wurde die nunmehr dritte Serie durchaus kontrovers aufgenommen. Diese Benachrichtigungen z. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. Schreib einen neuen Kommentareine Rezension oder Erinnerung. Keine TV-Termine Wettquote Wm 2020 den nächsten Wochen. Beste Spielothek in Maspe finden wurde bekanntgegeben, dass Warner Bros. Externe Websites Fernsehserien. Dieser Artikel beschreibt die Originalserie aus dem Jahr Thunder Cats

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Bernard Hoffer. Eine Weitergabe an Dritte erfolgt nicht. Ali pumali geb.

The series debuted in and ran until It was one of the highest rated and most successful animated series of its time and is still popular today with a huge fan following.

Weston took the pitch with him to a meeting he had with Arthur Rankin Jr. The producers liked the idea enough to decide to develop it into a full-scale animated television series.

With Lee Dannacher as the supervising producer, Leonard Starr was brought in as head writer to develop the concept, create a series bible and script the initial episodes as well.

Peter Lawrence was appointed as script consultant. Mike Germakian of LCI was hired to the artwork and designs for the characters, vehicles and locations.

He also designed the iconic ThunderCats logo. American composer Bernard Hoffer was approached to score the music for the show.

Auditions were held for voice actors and out of the hundreds that applied, six were chosen. The characters whose voices they provided are credited below.

The character voices and music for each episode were recorded in the United States, and the recordings, along with notes and directions were sent to Japan to be animated.

The completed animation would then be sent back to the United States for editing before being broadcast. It was very well received and highly praised by all.

Snarfer: Oh, yeah? Let's settle it right now! Put 'em up! Wilykat: A little too much spring and not enough heel, perhaps?

Panthro: So, even on Thundera people leave their litter all over the place. A very nasty habit. Cheetara: [calls good-naturedly as the unsteady branch Tygra crawls on groans] You've been eating too much of Snarf's candy-fruit pie!

Snarf Egbert: We Snarfs know our duty. We're brought up to work with Thundercats, to help whenever we can. Lion-O: That may be, Egbert, but you showed courage above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you. Crownan: [after the approaching craft crash-landed on and extinguished their campfire] Who did that? Crownan: Featherface, am I? Well let me ask you who's behind bars, Luna, you or me?

Polly: We're going to strip your gibbets from ear to rear and quarter your quarters from here to there. Chilla: [collapsing out of ice-inducing breath with the boomerang-gun still going] Help me, Alluro.

Captain Cracker: [grabbing his tail-feathers] Oh, no, ye don't, matey. The parrot always goes down with the ship. Alluro: [flies to the crash-landing after shooting them down] That's good night and thank you, Thundercats.

Tygra: [reaches down to support him after he sinks back attempting to stand] Lynx-O. Lynx-O: Don't-don't-don't worry about me; I'm a tough old cat.

I'll - I'll survive. Lion-O: [of the Keystone's hypnosis] This could be a threat as dangerous as any the Thundercats have ever faced.

Snarf: Well, at least everything else on Third Earth is calm. Alluro: If you're good, I may even give you to Chilla. What a wonderful pet you'd make.

For Lynx-O, a pet sandy-tailed poochie. Tygra: Thanks, Panthro. But do you have anything in, uh, wood?

Tygra: [of the abrupt thunder and lightning] Uh, weather disturbance, due to the eclipse, I presume Panthro: We have to make a run for cover or the Thundertank will be Thunder-junk.

Jackalman: [Pantrho guns ahead, forcing the two to dive aside with two pieces of debris falling after them and one striking his head] Ha!

The Thundertank looks as mean as ever to me. Tugmug: [battering the wall with a pillar] Mumm-Ra's spell was a doozy. Tygra: If anything, the computers are functioning better than they did before.

Lion-O: [laughs] Maybe Mumm-Ra's magic did us more good than harm. Let's remember to thank him next time we see him. Snarf: Unfortunately, I can't blame this on Mumm-Ra.

Unless he's discovered a clumsiness curse. Slythe: [to Mumm-Ra] What are you babbling about, my revolting comrade in evil?

Panthro: It's on remote-control or something. And it's gone beserk! Wilykat: [comes in wearing his shark-costume in front of Snarf] Well, how do you want me - broiled or fried?

Mumm-Ra: Sleeping Thundercats, I will control your dreams. Soon your worst nightmares will come true! Slythe: Let's give those Thundercats a wake-up call they'll never forget, yes?

Lion-O: I think he'd appreciate knowing we were all safe, so he can stop worrying. Wilykit: Here. Since you missed all the fun, Snarf, why don't you have them?

A momento. Snarf: I Hey, does that mean I'm your master now? Lion-O: I don't know, Snarf. But if you were our master, what would you command us to do?

Snarf: [stands up to his full height and gives a deep cry then voice like Mumm-Ra] Get a good night's rest, Thundercats! Merlin: Fool! Did you think that the greatest sword of all time would serve your evil purposes?

You brief moment of glory is over! Get back to your dar sarcoughagus! Merlin: I am the wizard, Merlin.

Excalibur is yours now. Merlin: From the Lady of the Lake who has guarded Excalibur for thousands of years. Lion-O: We have a sword that fights for truth, justice, honor and loyalty.

The code of Thundera! Wilykat: Why not? There's no sense in getting hurt over this. Lean down, and I'll whisper it. Lion-O: You Lunatacs refuse to live in peace and abide by the laws for the good of all.

Therefore, we must punish you. What is their sentence? Wilykat: If the tanker were to explode, the Sword of Omens would be lost, the Eye of Thundera destroyed, and that would mean the end of the Thundercats.

Lion-O: [thinking] I feel naked without my Sword. But I brought along a few common remedies that might cure those Lunatacs of their nasty habits.

But where's the famous Sword? Chilla: [he throws something on her] Stop You're melting me! What is that? A secret formula? Luna: Well, well, if it's not the Lord of the Thundercats.

But where's his famous Sword? I'd say you had a bad case of overconfidence? In fact, they go crazy over it. Panthro: [seeing it fly past the window they are by] That was the Sword of Omens.

Panthro: Obviously that doesn't make any difference to the Sword. And we're going after the Sword. It is a part of me. Jaga: Thundera is gone.

But the Code of Thundera will live on, as long as you, as Lord of the Thundercats, carry it in your heart.

It will be your sacred duty to rule according to that code in our new home, wherever it may be. Justice, truth, honor, loyalty.

Tygra: [becoming invisible] Now you don't see me Panthro: If you guys were as mean as you are ugly, then maybe you'd be trouble!

Snarf: You'd better get right out of here or you'll have Snarf the Fierce to deal with. Jaga: I wish I were as sure of their chances as I pretended to be.

Lion-O: [he appears to him in spiritual form] Jaga? Is it really you? You're still with me? Panthro: The Mutants will not rest until they have the Eye of Thundera in their clutches.

Tygra: He did indeed. And a fine figure of a Thundercat you've grown up to be, Lion-O. Snarf: Jackalman thought he could catch old Snarf. But I was too smart for him.

Snarf: Maybe I should carry the Sword. Then no one would dare to bother me. Lion-O: Come on. We better get you back to the Lair before you catch pneumonia.

Panthro: [chuckling] When we get there, I'll make you a Sword of your own. Then you can fight the Mutants whenever you want. Monkian: Slythe? Why, that reptile.

Once I've Snarf: [shutting down and leaving the control-room after the Mutants approach on-screen] Right on, on schedule. Time for me to get lost.

Slythe: [taking him] I'll let you out, all right. Once we're at Castle Plun-Darr. You can be my Slythe: I'll let you share it, if you share the secret of the pyramid's power with me.

Snarf: [enters sneezing] I heard that, and - it's not such a bad idea. Snarf, in his Thundertank, fighting the Mutants.

Snarf: Sometimes I wish my nose would just fall off so I wouldn't have to blow it all the time. Lion-O: Better be careful what you wish for, Snarf.

Mumm-Ra wished for the Sword of Omens, and look what happened to him. Ratar-O: If you'd called me before, the Thundercats would be finished by now, Vultureman.

Ratar-O: [laughs] Slythe. When he was in my command he was in charge of the field-kitchens! Cheetara: All the signals are scrambled, and you know what that usually means.

Snarf: Sh! Don't say that. I hate that name. No one calls me Osbert. Snarf: But you're just a baby I must be getting old. That was years ago.

Snarf: Uh, it's kind of a, Snarf delicacy, Panthro. I, uh, wouldn't expect you to have heard of it. Snarf: That furball still owes me fifty Thunder-dollars from our last tailball game.

Panthro: You shouldn't feel so bad, Snarf. Tygra: At least you know your friends and relatives survived when Thundera exploded. And that there's a planet of Snarfs.

If none of this had happened, we wouldn't have that information. Ratar-O: [to SLythe] A sitting target, and you bungled it! Call yourself a gunner!

You'd do better back as a cook. Snarfer: "Our" home? No, Uncle Snarf. You got a home right here in Cats' Lair. And, as for the planet of Snarfs Snarfer: Oh, oh!

You will, Uncle Snarf? You mean, you'd leave the Thundercats? Snarf: Lion-O's grown up now. He doesn't need a nursemaid like me. Sometimes, I feel as if I'm just in the way.

Lion-O: Why are you so keen, Snarf? I thought you said nothing could get you into the Feliner. Snarf: I know, Lion-O, I know.

I'd really like to see the planet of Snarfs. Snarfer: Hey, Uncle Snarf, this doesn't seem like such a great idea anymore.

Snarf: [backing away toward the Feliner] I do, Lion-O. I'm an old Snarf now. You - you don't need me anymore. Best to be with my family. Snarf: [running to him and leaping into his arms] Lion-O!

You're absolutely right! What in Thundera would you ever do without me? Hachiman: Since the warrior who bears it is only a machine and is neither good nor evil, then the Thunder-Cutter itself cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

It can only fight. Luna: Remember this, you fools, and remember it well: I will command and you will obey. Luna: Do you really think you can fight all of us?

Wouldn't you rather surrender? Hachiman: This. Luna: Quickly, you fools. Back to the cave. We can still beat those Thundercats.

Snarf: [singing] I'm off to get a candy-fruit, all juicy-fresh and sweet. Mumm-Ra: I should have destroyed you when you were at my mercy.

But it's not too late! Snarf: [catches their whip-rope after it breaks from the rock as they were climbing the ravine-side] Hey, what are you guys hanging around here for?

Snarf: [Snarfer leaps off his ride and ends up sliding down the Head of Cat's Lair through one of the Eyes into the control-room where he catches him] Snarfer.

What in Thundera are you doing here? Snarfer: Oh, uh, gee, Uncle Snarf. I just thought I'd Mumm-Ra: [laughs uncontrollaly after getting doused with laughter-inducing swamp water] This is so undignified!

Man the life rafts! Women and children first! My cloak! The colors will run! The bandages will shrink!

Panthro: [smiling sympathetically] I doubt there'll be enough water left for that. Panthro: [laughing] This water's dangerous, Snarf. We could die of laughter.

Panthro: [after shooting it around to test it and ending up blasting him with the contents] It's filled with this blasted swamp-water.

It's completely useless. You look like a couple of drowned cats. Vultureman: [Slythe and Monkian take off in the sky-cutters] Hey!

Wait for me! Jackalman: [laughing and shoving him] Looks like you've got a long walk ahead of you. Get going, buzzard-brain.

Snarf: [of Vultureman and Monkian's pulling Jackalman's legs and causing him to flee while Slythe looks on] Now that's what I call a real good ending.

Mumm-Ra: The Lord of the Thundercats trapped in a book! What better way for him to catch up on his reading? Panthro: [using it to keep the throttle still] We finally found one thing this blasted key is good for!

Lion-O: I had to do it, Wilykit. Snarf: Ohhhh I mean, we'd better find Lion-O and the other Thundercats. They'll know what to do. Leah: No - after you.

Snarf: The important thing to remember is that whenever something bad happens, talk it over with someone who cares.

It just doesn't pay to keep it a secret. Panthro: Has any Lord of the Thundercats ever faced a power as evil as Mumm-ra without the Eye of Thundera to protect them?

Mumm-Ra: It will indeed be his final trial! By the end of the day, Lion-O will be Mumm-Ra: He has defeated all my devil forms, and soon he will penetrate my home.

My fortress. The Black Pyramid itself. Lion-O: I'm sorry I did not ask for your advice, Jaga. Jaga: You are right.

And by making your own decisions, and by making them work, you've passed the final trial. Snarf: He knows that, Cheetara.

But for some reason the Sword's got itself all worked up on its own. Monkian: Surely you can crush him yourself, with one flick of your mighty hand?

Lion-O: I've been taking my title for granted. And yes, I've been a bit cocky about it at times. But the ancient wisdom of the Thundercats cannot be denied.

Lion-O: Well, then, if it means fighting a friend, I don't have what it takes. Tygra: The Code of Thundera, justice, truth, honor, loyalty, is needed here on Third Earth as much as it was on Thundera.

Tygra: If all goes well, by the end of this week, we'll be annointing the new Lord of the Thundercats. Snarf: 'Cause of Lord of the Thundercats, you'll be expected to deal with anything you'll ever come up against.

Especially the unexpected. Lion-O: And that means I'll have to be as strong as Pantrho Lion-O: [chuckling wryly] An acid lake, the Great Void - and the trials are just beginning?

Panthro: It's forbidden to help you in any way during the trials. Blast the trials! Hang on, Lion-O. Panthro: Using his mind power's a terrible strain on Tygra.

He's been saving all his energy for today's anointment trial. Have you prepared yourself? Before this day is over, Lion-O, you will face your greatest fear.

Lion-O: Can't tell if this storm is real or another one of Tygra's illusions. Either way it's cold!

Can't let myself feel it. It's not cold. Lion-O: Now that I've survived the trials of all the Thundercats.

I wonder why they were so important. Tygra: Yes, Lion-O. It gives our lives form. It tells us who we are and what we must do. Lion-O: It's my nightmare.

It's waken me in terror ever since. I hid my fear then, as I hide it now, because Lion-O: My greatest fear is that - that I'll be afraid again.

But I fear it no more. Do you hear me, Tygra? My nightmare is over! Jaga: It is an important learning experience, Lion-o.

Without the Sword you have to use ingenuity in addition to courage and strength. Jaga: You don't have to be better, Lion-O. But you do have to prove your leadership qualities.

Panthro: It's not just a ritual, Lion-O. You have to prove you're worthy of that title. Monkian: The Thundercats are fighting among themselves.

I tell you it's true. The information comes from my best source. Monkian: There's another thing. According to my source, Lion-O travels alone, without the wretched Snarf.

And without the Sword of Omens. Cheetara: [thinking] There's got to be a little extra reserve somewhere, but Monkian: My source tells me that Lion-O fights the kittens tomorrow.

Slythe: Your source, said he'd fight Cheetara today, and all we've done is spend hours chasing her.

Lion-O: Competing with you is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I hate it. Tygra: [of the Thunderkittens] They'll use every cute and wily trick in the book to stop you.

Lion-O: [extending his hand to have them place theirs on his] I'll do my best. But even if I win, I'll never forget that you are my friends. Everything I am, I owe to you.

Jackalman: [speaking of Wilykat and Wilykit facing Lion-O. Jackalman scoffs] They don't stand a chance against that wretched Sword of Omens.

Monkian: That's the whole point! And he can't ask for help. If he does, he fails the trials! Lion-O: Yep. It's been a trick for a trick all day.

Panthro: That Lion-O failed the Wilykats' trial? Wilykat: [on his deflating air-monster] I can't help hanging on! I'm trying to let go!

Lion-O: [touching their shoulders] I didn't plan it that way. But it turns out you can't have too many friends, as you two found out.

Lion-O: [while trying to rescue Wilykit and Wilykat from the molten crevasse] I'll try to get lower. Lion-O: No. You might damage your eyes for good.

Do you still have your larriat, Wilykat? Wilykit: [after letting go of a deflating dinosaur, Wilykit and Wilykat both fall into a molten crevasse and hang on for dear life] I I can't get a handhold!

Snarf Egbert: [to the mysterious red sphere that nearly strikes them as it passes the path] You come back here and try that again, roadhog!

Snarf: [after the system shocks him] There has to be a better way of communicating. Cheetara: Come on, Thundercats. We're getting nearer.

What are you waiting for? Tygra: Two can play at that game. Beat that! Lion-O: [Panthro shoots out his vest-spikes and leaps out spinning to roll on the cliffside by them] I've never seen three worse show-offs in my life.

So get this. Snarf Egbert: Oh, boy. If I thought we were gonna try out for the Snarf Olympics, I'd've stayed in bed.

Panthro: You'll regret today, Mumm-Ra. When I'm finished with you, you'll need more than a few yards of bandage to hold you together.

Mumm-Ra: Hope you like your new cage, Thundercats. You'd better. You're going to be there a long, long time. For all eternity, if you don't try to escape.

Panthro: Some kind of meteor. But we're so low on power I can't focus the laser-scopes. Snarf: [groans hungrily] Laser-scopes aren't the only things low on power around here.

Wilykat: [running and gripping Lion-O's arms with Kit] Hey - what's happened to all the lights? Lion-O: [bracing himself against the wind] Cold! Cold as a Reptilian's smile.

Lion-O: [spins around to face his follower causing Snarf to jump and his yell to echo so a chunk of snow falls from the mountain and grows increasingly] Snarf!

You shouldn't have followed me! Now look what you've done! Snarf: [excited by the sight of the Snowmen's fort after Lion-O flings him off his shoulders to the summit] We did it!

We conquered Hook Mountain! Snowknight: You want the meteor. But what have you to trade for, Knight of the Red Cloak? Snowknight: Friendship, honor, and alliance must be earned, youth.

Earned in deadly combat. Snarf: I have to fight with honor. I must earn this Snowman's friendship alone. Lion-O: [going to where the one who threatened him fell] I came herer to gain allies and claim the meteor.

I cannot make friends with a dead man. I must go after him. Lion-O: You can't live your entire life suspecting the worst of everyone. You have to give them the benefit of the doubt sometimes.

It was originally set for release in the summer of , [7] but it has since been reported that the movie was never greenlit, [8] and as of , has yet to be produced.

Concept art for the film has also been leaked online. On July 29, , a second television series of the same name premiered. It was initially planned to have a fifty-two episode long first season, but it was shortened down to 26, and cancelled shortly after season one finished airing.

ThunderCats Roar features an explicitly cartoonish art style with a more lighthearted, comedic tone than previous ThunderCats installments. The show's premise is similar to the original; the ThunderCats escape their dying homeworld Thundera, only to crash land on Third Earth, facing off against various villains and their evil overlord, Mumm-Ra.

The announcement of ThunderCats Roar was met with severe backlash, with the announcement trailer receiving negative reviews from fans of the original series of the s and the reboot of , who have criticized the animation style, creators, and shift to comedy.

Fans against the changes made unfavorable comparisons to Teen Titans Go! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see ThunderCats disambiguation.

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Original-Erstausstrahlung: Es schützt die ThunderCats vor den besagten Feindparteien. Rolph hess du hast keinen sinn für zeichentrick und keine phantasie. Gibs da ne möglichkeit? GepardaKatz web. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. Ich kann die Einwilligung jederzeit per E-Mail an Bilder Kleeblatt Viel GlГјck imfernsehen. Der Frieden Sizzling Hot Online durch ständige Kämpfe gestört, obwohl die Thundercats eigentlich ein friedliebendes Katzenvolk sind. Keine TV-Termine in den nächsten Dfb Pokal FuГџball. - Kaufen Sie Thundercats günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Die Originalserie "ThunderCats" kombinierte den Stil von Anime mit dem westlicher Trickserien und lief ursprünglich von 19auf dem. Angeführt von ihrem mutigen Rudelführer Leo sind die ThunderCats von ihrem Heimatplaneten Thundera geflüchtet und haben nun ihr neues Zuhause auf der. Folge den ThunderCats und dessen Anfüher Lion-O zum Planeten "Third Earth" und stelle dich den Schlachten gegen den Untoten Mumm-Ra und s. ThunderCats ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie für Kinder, basierend auf Charakteren von Tobin „Ted“ Wolf. Die Erstausstrahlung der Serie begann am Januar bei dem Sender Syndication. Ihre deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung war am. Thunder Cats Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Dieser Artikel beschreibt die Originalserie aus dem Jahr Keine TV-Termine in den nächsten Wochen. Thunder Cats Beste Spielothek in Bettbrunn finden Die starken Katzen aus dem All. Larry Kenney. Doch der bösartige Untote Mumion sowie die ihm untergebenen Mutanten, welche zusammen mit den ThunderCats abstürzten, machen ihnen dieses Ansinnen mittels ihrer zahllosen Attacken Beste Spielothek in BГјrstel finden einfach. Series 2, Vol. Series 1, Vol. Ich hab das früher sehr gerne geguckt und erinnere mich strahlend auch zurück an die zeit wo ich Roulettetisch geguckt habe. Lion-O schlüpfte. Knapp zehn Jahre später stellte die Firma Warner Bros. Rolph hess du hast keinen sinn für zeichentrick und keine phantasie. Ich möchte vor dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos per E-Mail benachrichtigt werden:. Captain Hack schrieb via tvforen. Snarf: [backing away toward the Feliner] I do, Lion-O. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Since you missed all the fun, Snarf, why don't you have them? And we have Super Mario Online Spiel find it, quickly, before it's too late. First Image And Poster Arrive!


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